OUZO "KRINOS" - Ποτοποιϊα ΚΡΙΝΟΣ - Ιωάννης Κ. Αναστασόπουλος



Ouzo “KRINOS” was created by the founder of J.K. Anastasopoulos & Son Company, Grand-Father Ioannis, and is considered as the first “child” of a special ouzo product family carrying 60 years history.

Distillation process: The creation of a high quality aromatic distillate from carefully selected seeds and herbs which are distilled in traditional copper stills. A process that needs patience, devotion and experience put by Konstantinos Anastasopoulos and it lasts 10 hours
Color: Lucid, attesting to the purity of its distillation’s ingredients
Texture: Dense, turning into rich milk when Natural Mineral Water or icecubes are added to it
Aromas: Delicate but distinct, vivid and fresh! Anise brings close the picture of the Greek sea, while fennel visualizes the Greek countryside!  
Flavor: Smooth alcohol, easy-to-drink, oleaginous. Discreetly sweet in drinking, with a mouth full of Greek anise, star anise, fennel and a secret combination inherited by Grand-father Ioannis create a sense of absolute balance

"Memoir": A peaceful summer noon time by the sea, a scarf flying by a light wind, good friends! Carefreeness!

Serving Suggestions
Add "KRINOS" Natural Mineral Water or icecubes and escort it with fresh fish
Add a slice of orange or lemon for an alternative drinking choice

100% Greek Product!


Packaging & Alcoholic Volume
96 (24x4) bottles / 0.05lt. - 37.5% Vol.
24 bottles / 0.2lt. - 37.5% Vol.
6 bottles / 0.7lt. - 37.5% Vol.
6 bottles / 1lt. - 37.5% Vol.
6 bottles / 2 lt. - 37.5% Vol.

96 (24x4) bottles / 0.05lt. - 40% Vol.
24 bottles / 0.2lt. - 40% Vol.
6 bottles / 0.7lt. - 40% Vol.
6 bottles / 1lt. - 40% Vol.
6 bottles / 2 lt. - 40% Vol.

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