"KRINOS" SODA WATER - Ποτοποιϊα ΚΡΙΝΟΣ - Ιωάννης Κ. Αναστασόπουλος



Color: Translucent and crystal-clear, colorless like the water
Texture: Refreshing with millions of bubbles
Flavor: Water from Rododafni district of Aegio and the carbon dioxide explosion in the mouth magnetize you and travel you, while digestion has just started.

"Memory": Sunday family lunches with home-cooked meals ending up with the one and only digestive drink!

Taste it
In a tall glass, add ice, freshly squeezed juice of bio-orange or lemon and the peal of the citrus-fruit for boosting its aromas.
Alternatively, for a sweet taste, add it to your popsicle. First, you will feel its freshness and then its sweetness! You will be definitely compensated!

Made by Rododafni's Area Water!



Strong Traditional Soda Water
24 bottles / 275ml.
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