OUZO HELLAS '71 - Ποτοποιϊα ΚΡΙΝΟΣ - Ιωάννης Κ. Αναστασόπουλος


Ouzo “HELLAS '71”: the brand that characterized the 2nd generation of Anastasopoulou’s family. It was created in 1971 and it continues to engrave a course full of awards in International Tasting Contests
- Golden Metal, IWSC, London (1988)
- Silver Metal, IWSC, London (1989) and
- Silver Best in Class, IWSC, London (2008)

Distillation process: 14 pending hours, 3 continuous and slow distillations, traditional copper stills in full action, selected Greek seeds of aromatics, a secret recipe in a leather-bounded book give the heart of the finest distillation
Color: Liquid and crystalline, leaves the light to break through for verifying its clarity and purity
Texture: Rich with thick tears of long-duration shaped in the glass indicate its high alcoholic volume
Aromas: Exquisite, delicate, intense and rousing to the nose. An intricate bouquet of aromas consisting of a special tones variety of Greek countryside such as chamomile, anise and the Greek tradition such as sesame
Flavor: Rich, deep and balanced beginning with "soft" alcohol and finishing with a discreetly sweet aftertaste.Greek anise, star anise, Mastiha of Chios island, finnochio (Florence Fennel) and the rare-to-find angelica are distinguished while they are ideally combined to reveal its exceptionally different taste character

Extreme life pushed till the edges! Vivid summer, friends, vacations, loves, relationships, delight! Memories! Celebration! Lights! Opa! The true distillation of life

Serving Suggestions

Unmixed you will truly enjoy it!
By adding ice or "KRINOS" Natural Mineral Water, its dense milk will be brought out!
Blending is not suggested for acquiring a full image of its taste.

A bottle of ouzo made by a demanding producer and addressed to equally demanding people who know to distinguish the quality!

100% Greek Product!


Packaging & Alcoholic Volume
6 bottles / 0.7lt. - 42% Vol.

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